Hospitality Highway Century 2010 routes are now available!

Hey everyone!  The routes for the 2010 Hospitality Highway Century are now available!  Be sure to check out the Hospitality Highway Century’s official website at for more information and to register!

Follow the links below to download a PDF of the route and to see the route at

8-mile “I Did It” ride:

2010 Hospitality Hwy GA400 8 Mile

25-mile ride

2010 Hospitality Hwy GA400 25 Mile

Now for the tougher routes…

63-mile route

2010 Hospitality Hwy GA400 63 Mile

100-Mile Century

2010 Hospitality Hwy GA400 Century overview



4 Responses to “Hospitality Highway Century 2010 routes are now available!”

  1. tom gebhardt Says:

    under 25 mile, “2010 Hospitality Hwy GA400 8 Mile” link is there rather than 25 mile.

    also, on, there is no mention of a 25 mile but there is a 35 mile!

    what’s the story?

    • Georgia Transplant Foundation Says:

      Hi Tom, thanks for catching the slip-up on the blog; it’s been corrected now with the proper route pdfs. The 35-mile info. is outdated, the route this year is 25 miles, and 400 century should be updated with that new information. We actually have updated route on the 63-mile and 100-mile century since this blog’s original posting last week, so be aware of that. So yeah, stick with the information on the blog; we will the KMLs (the “map my ride” downloads) for the 63-mile and and 100-mile routes updated shortly. Sorry for the conflicting information, and thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  2. JC Says:

    So, there is not a 31 mile route like I signed up for and prepaid for on…???

    • Georgia Transplant Foundation Says:

      Hey JC, we’ve tried to get the routes finalized as early as possible this year; unfortunately, sometimes it’s a very uncertain business planning routes on populated roads, and a few weeks ago, a road that had previously been available suddenly became unavailable. So the routes and distances had to be adjusted accordingly. We’re sorry for the hassle; we wanted to have the routes out as early as possible to give people a chance to download them. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the changes, and encourage everyone to participate in the ride with the slightly altered routes. Thanks for your feedback and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

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