What Happened to the Blog?

Hey everyone.  If you’ve visited the blog lately you might notice that it hasn’t been updated in awhile.

But don’t think the blog has been forgotten.  We are currently working on a massive re-design of the blog, and we want you to contribute!  We are expanding the functionality and user base of the blog to create a hub for the Georgia transplant community.

What does this mean?

1) We will be expanding the contributor base to include not only staff members, leaders in the transplant community and health care professionals, but also open it up to individuals as a way to share their story and get connected on a local level with other members of the community.  Whether you are a donor, a recipient, a family member, or have had your life affected by transplantation, we invite you to participate!

2) We want to allow people to use our blog as a platform to promote their own individual fundraising efforts as well as encourage each other along their journey through transplantation.

3) We are going to  make easily-available healthcare and GTF program information to allow people to know what resources are out there.

Regardless of what aesthetically-pleasing face lifts we give to the blog, it’s ultimate success as a community experience depends on the community!   We want to foster a sense of transplant community and individual connectivity that is at the heart of GTF’s mission.

If you’d like to participate in the new GTF blog, just e-mail Jake Warren at jwarren@gatransplant.org

Thanks everyone and keep your eyes open for the new blog!



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